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We are testing out the Adopt-to-Adapt campaign to help families within our personal networks to list themselves as hosts to victims that need shelter and who want to get out of ground zero. Signup to be a host now!

If you can't host, that's fine. You can sponsor a family and directly send some of their relief goods, for example, to homes of our hosts. Signup to be a sponsor now!

We are putting this form up for people who are willing to host a victim of the recent calamity due to #YolandaPH. Upon signing up, we will refer to the data here and contact you for families that need a temporary home.

Hosts: Cebu families Adopted families: Victims from Cebu, Tacloban, Samar.

Hosts help extended might include: Pickup from victims at the airport in Mactan, hosting them for X days, coordinating with relief teams to send donations to their homes, help victims find long term solutions to their situation (rent our a home, referrals).

Sponsors help extended might include: - relief goods, mats, blankets, a table they could eat on, some kitchen items, and any other basic things in a home, referrals to cheap housing, a roadmap to rebuild their lives.

Helping the Philippines recover from calamities. One family at a time.

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